building creative strategies that forge strong relationships between brands and consumers


Hoofcase offers a compelling combination of sound business strategy and well-honed creative instincts. We deliver high quality work focused on driving revenue and building strong emotional bonds between the brand and the consumer. We have worked effectively with clients of all sizes, from international brands to small mom-and-pop companies. Our approach to each project is unique, but our energy and drive remain consistent throughout the life of each project.

Brandon Emerson, Creative Director


For nearly 20 years, Brandon has been designing brand, retail and communication strategies that focus on driving revenue and forging emotional bonds between brands and consumers. As in-house Creative Director at Everlast Worldwide, Brandon helped turn an ailing boxing equipment manufacturer into a relevant athletic lifestyle brand, tripling it’s market cap and triggering it’s acquisition.  

For the past decade, Brandon has run his own consulting studio, Hoofcase. The studio has collaborated with brands of all sizes across a wide swath of industries, including restaurants, industrial machines, experiential retail and sporting goods. 

At Hoofcase he partnered with home goods giant Ashley Furniture to open their first retail store in Asia (Shanghai), helping develop their brand strategy and creating their in-store communications. Stateside, Brandon developed the visual identity and retail communications for New York based experiential retail brand Make Meaning, opening stores in New York City, Boston and Scottsdale.

For the past year, he has worked with Kuwait National Cinema Company in revamping their brand identity, in cinema communications, digital presence and overall consumer experience, building on their heritage as the first, and largest cinema brand in the Gulf region.